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Full Programme

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Abstract Book

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Abstract Book

Virtual Posters

Covid-19-related topics

Chin Wen Cong

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


Demographic Differences in Cabin Fever


Samia J. Khalifa

International University of Malaya-Wales, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Personality as a mediator in the relationship of self-perception and mental health of young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cognitive Psychology

Ng Wai Meng

Quest International University


Concentration Level and Gender on Traffic Behaviour Accidents in Selangor

Liyana Faisal

University of Nottingham, Malaysia


Sensitivity to Auditory Perceptual Cues: Universal or Language-Specific?

Personality Psychology

Educational Psychology/Development Psychology

Virtual Posters

Best Presenter Award Recipients

Best Oral Presentation

Brenda Chow Gynn

Sunway University

Age Difference and Psychological Factors That Predict Adoption Rate of Protective Measures for COVID-19 in Malaysia

Best Virtual Poster Presentation

Yap Jia Ying

Sunway University

Cold Hearts Playing with Fire: Dark Tried, Risk-taking and Empathy

Bryan Leong Qi Zheng

University of Nottingham Malaysia

Individual Differences in Facial Recognition and Holistic Processing

Best Presenter Award Recipients
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